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Just like with any kind of hobby or activity, there are a few accessories you might like to get to increase performance and efficiency for safety and convenience. The bike accessories for the bicycle are divided into two categories, the safety accessories and the convenience accessories. Accessories that keep you safe are the helmets, lights, mirrors and horns. For your convenience as a cyclist, you can get flat free tires, locks, fenders, gadget bottles and baskets for your bicycle.

While you’re riding in your bicycle, it’s most important to ensure that you’re visible to the other motorists on the street. While it’s essential that you don’t get hit by using LED headlights, taillights and reflectors, you also need to improve your chances for a safe ride by wearing a helmet. In the event of a collision or a crash a helmet can give you some sort of protection. Together with alertness, knowledge in bicycle safety and other safety equipment like mirrors and horns, you can go on rides on the open road full of fun and excitement.

The most important accessory of convenience for your bicycle is locks. A good lock to get for your bicycle is the metal U lock or the thick cable loop. You can also get to carry things conveniently on your bike if you have a basket. This basket allows you to use your bike for simple chores like grocery shopping and the like. With a gadget bottle accessory on your bike, you can make sure you’re hydrated why you’re cycling and have a place to attach other essentials like energy bars or your mobile phone. Fender attachments can keep you from getting wet and soiled by your tires.

How to buy a bicycle?

The days where only one selection for bicycles is gone and it’s pretty baffling position to be in standing in the middle of a bike shop wondering about what kind of bike would be the best for you. There are mountain bikes and road bikes. There are hybrid bikes and comfort bikes. The standard kind of bike like the beach cruiser has also been improved giving birth to the lifestyle bike. One basic question that you have to answer before even stepping into a bicycle shop is what kind of cycling to you want to do. Do you want to go for a spin around the neighborhood or do you like to go on trail riding or long distance rides?

You can then talk to the bike shop employees about your search. Don’t be afraid to ask them questions. It’s also common to take the bike of your choice on a test ride around the block if that will help you gauge the fit and comfort of the bicycle. Bikes today have price tags that vary from $200 to thousands of dollars. If you’re okay with spending $400 for a bike, the bike shops are a good place to start your search. If not, classifieds or discount stores like Wal-Mart offer a wide range of selections too.

The most popular choice for bikes for cyclists is mountain bikes and road bikes. With the name aside, mountain bikes can be used in places where there are no mountains. It’s a durable bike that could handle all kinds of terrain. The road bike on the other hand, is a good bicycle to keep in shape while you’re enjoying the views of the landscape.

Mountain Bikes

Unlike in the earlier days when bicycles where the primary means for transportation, today, bicycles have expanded their functionality and so too, did the choices for the bicycles. There are hybrid bicycles, leisure bicycles, and also electric bicycles but nothing can compare to the performance that you get from mountain bikes.

Mountain bikes are also known as all terrain bicycles and from the name itself, these bikes are meant for cycling in the off road. Regardless of the surface you’re cycling in, be it rocks, sand, steep declines, dirt trails, washouts, etc., this bike can take it. For the exhilaration that this kind of cycling offers, people have made a sport out of mountain biking. It’s not only to maintain fitness anymore, it’s also about fun and thrill. The mountain biking sport has also evolved into a myriad of subtypes like freeride biking, cross country biking and the like.

The reason why mountain bikes do so well in harsh terrain is that the wheels have rims measuring 559 mm. This is referred to as the 26 inch when it comes to bike sizing. In addition to this, the tires are knobby which provides the rider with good traction for a smoother ride even in uneven terrain. While, almost perfect, the mountain bikes still undergo a certain kind of innovation. Recently, suspension has been added to the front wheel and it’s also pretty common for you to get mountain bikes with suspension for both the front and the rear. Yet other mountain bikes have been installed with bar ends at the handlebars for leverage in hill climbing.

Depending on the kind of suspension you get for your mountain bike, you have four categories to choose from. You have the fully rigid type which is a bike with a rigid fork and fixed rear. This bike has no suspension. The soft tail is a bike that has a bit of rear suspension which is activated by the frame’s flex ability. The hardtail bike has front suspension fork but no rear suspension and the full suspension which provides for suspension at the front and rear.

Hardtail Mountain Bikes

As was mentioned, the hardtail mountain bikes are mountain bikes that have front suspension but rigid rear wheels that have no suspension. These kinds of bikes gained popularity almost as soon as they were released for sale in the bike market. Hardtail mountain bikes are more affordable than any other kind of mountain bike and they’re also low maintenance kinds of bicycles. It offers you with a higher efficiency when you’re pedaling.

For this matter, hardtail mountain bikes were used a lot in the 1980s and 90s for cross country mountain biking. It’s even better if the bike’s frame is made of a lightweight steel. For mountain cross or what is also called 4 cross racing, the hardtail mountain bikes are also used. With a race where it’s important to get downhill first, the strong frame of hardtail mountain bikes do very well. It’s also easy to get around corners and ride fast and strong with the low bottom brackets, slack head angles and short chainstays of the hardtail mountain bikes. To increase performance in the mountain cross, a chainguide can be run on the front and the gears on the back of the bike.

Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

With the development of mountain bikes into full suspension mountain bikes, the regular hardtail bikes are losing a bit of renown. Full suspension mountain bikes are designed with what is referred to as dual suspension or full susser. With suspension and shock absorption in both the front and the rear tires, the full suspension mountain bike gives a new meaning to all terrain. Bikers now have the opportunity to have a smoother ride and any kind of obstacles and force these obstacles can give in striking the tires have a lesser blow to the rider.

Because of this performance, you can understand that dual suspension bikes are also pretty expensive. But you’re not going to get short changed for the full suspension mountain bikes bring the utmost for off road cycling. They’re faster even in downhill terrain and so they’re great bikes to use for mountain cross. New innovations to this kind of bicycle wherein composites of lighter weight are being used like advanced carbon fibre means that the dual suspension bike can be designed into something that weighs under 10 kg. Now, full suspension mountain bikes can be used in cross country mountain biking events as well.

For cycling that’s hard core and more exciting, you have to think about getting yourself a mountain bike. Regardless of it being full suspension mountain bikes or hardtail mountain bikes, with the ability to go on the off road, you bring more challenge to your fitness and amusement.

Road Bikes

There are bikes and there are road bikes. Road bicycle falls into the category of racing bicycles but these kinds of bikes have more oomph in that they’re designed for more endurance. This is because these bikes are equipped with a lot of gear combinations. Doing a further comparison between the road bikes and the racing bikes, you’ll see that the road bikes are a bit slower than the racing bikes. The simple reason for this lack of speed is that road bikes aren’t built with high tech features for racing.

With regards to the look of road bikes, they have drop handlebars and also multiple gears. You can also choose from many types of road bicycles with single gears or even fixed gears. They’re equipped with narrow tires that are high pressured to decrease rolling distance. When it comes to weight, road bikes are usually lighter than the other classes of bicycles. Road bikes are used for cycling on paved roads. Under this type of bike, you have the touring bike, the utility bike, the hybrid bike, the roadster and the recumbent bikes.

You can be a beginner or a hard core cyclist. The best kind of bike to get for yourself is the road bicycle. You can use this bike for exercise cycling or to compete in sporting events like the 100 mile ride or a triathlon. While popularity of cycling has proliferated the manufacturers, brands, materials for the road bike, you can still be able to find the right road bicycle if you pay a little attention to the details. The basic factors to consider when you’re buying a road bike are components, frame geometry and frame materials.

Look at the brakes, the wheels, everything on the bike of your choice. All these parts contribute to the quality of ride your bike will give you. With high quality materials, you get a more durable road bike. You want to look at frame geometry too so that you can get the best ride when you’re on the road. With regard to frame materials, you have steel, aluminum and carbon fiber to choose from.

The Road Racing Bikes

If you want to go road racing, you can get yourself a road bike that’s designed for speed and efficiency on the road. There are many kinds of road bikes but not all of them can be used as road racing bikes. Characteristically, road bikes are built for more endurance but less of the speed which you would need when you want to win a road cycling race. With the road racing bikes, you get a bike that’s lightweight. This goes under the premise that anything that’s light has the ability to move faster.

In addition to this, another quality that competition bikes have is stiffness. Together with the bike’s weight, the right road racing bikes can bring efficiency in that when the rider pedals the bike, this power is transferred to drive terrain and then the wheels. The drop handlebars on the road racing bikes are positioned lower than the bike saddle. While a little bit on the uncomfortable side, riding low with a good aerodynamic posture, there’s less wind resistance on the cyclist so he can ride faster.

The racing bikes are also equipped with wheels that are closer together. This allows quick handling for the bike. With derailleur gear ratios that are closely spaced, pedaling at a cadence is ensured. When you want to go road cycling and win the race as well, you have to sacrifice comfort to get the speed that the road racing bikes offer. Another distinct feature of competition bikes are the wheels and tires. With rims shaped for aerodynamic efficiency, road racing bikes are faster in a sense that they’re cutting through the wind resistance.

Competition bikes have wheel rims made of aluminum alloy. Others use a molded carbon fiber rim which further reduces the total weight that the bike has. Rolling resistance is also important for racing bikes and that is why tires are made lightweight, thin, narrow, and with smooth treads.

Comfort Road Bikes

Even if you’re not into road racing, you can still get yourself a road bike that can be used for recreational road cycling. In the market today, comfort road bikes are even available so you’re able to get fit and maintain your health in comfort. As the name of the bike implies, comfort road bikes can also be used for other things like commuting, etc. Most usually, the selection for comfort road bikes combines the good features of a road bike and a mountain bike. Less focus is put on speed and more to comfort so you have the ability to ride for longer periods of time and you can also use your comfort road bike anywhere.

BMX Bikes

Living up to the bicycle’s name that it can be used both for sport and casual use, the BMX bike is a modernization to the regular bicycle. Available in model types like freestyle, race, dirt jumping and flatland, leisure BMX and sport BMX has gained great popularity worldwide. People with BMX bikes, children, teenagers and adults alike converge in skate parks and BMX competitions. Even for those who don’t own bicycles, they can still train to do difficult tricks like on the trampoline with BMX bikes referred to as tramp bikes. These bikes only have the frame, seat, fork and handlebars.

BMX bikes and BMX started in the 1970s. Children began taking their bicycles to dirt tracks in the south of California to race. The bikes they had then were road bikes. From those days, BMX or motocross came about. The first BMX bikes were the Schwinn Sting Rays, which was the bike of choice because of their design for performance and better handling. Kids started to show what they can do with these Sting Rays cycling off the road. Manufacturers then started to create bicycles designed specifically for motocross and thus, the birth of the real BMX bikes.

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