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Just like with any kind of hobby or activity, there are a few accessories you might like to get to increase performance and efficiency for safety and convenience. Bike accessories for the bicycle are divided into two categories, the safety accessories and the convenience accessories. Accessories that keep you safe are the helmets, lights, mirrors and horns. For your convenience as a cyclist, you can get flat free tires, locks, fenders, gadget bottles and baskets for your bicycle.

While you’re riding in your bicycle, it’s most important to ensure that you’re visible to the other motorists on the street. While it’s essential that you don’t get hit by using LED headlights, tail lights and reflectors, you also need to improve your chances for a safe ride by wearing a helmet. In the event of a collision or a crash a helmet can give you some sort of protection. Together with alertness, knowledge in bicycle safety and other safety equipment like mirrors and horns, you can go on rides on the open road full of fun and excitement.

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