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The four main types of bicycle that you can get:- Mountain Bike, Road Bike, Touring, and Hybrid.

All have unique features setting apart one from the other. Your riding style and desires will determine which type of bicycle you will want to purchase. This segment is all about the Road Bike.

Unique Qualities of the Road Bike

Road bikes were originally designed for use on the road, hence the name. The main function of the design is speed and handling. This is the same design you will find in all road racing bikes. The frames can be constructed from a wide variety lightweight metal alloys. This will be a factor in the price of the road bike you choose. The tires are skinny, aerodynamic, and of course light weight. Road bikes have drop down handle bars designed specifically for lowering your posture and becoming more aerodynamic. They will generally have 18 to 28 gears however you can have your road bike designed with as few as three to as many as thirty six gears. The number if different gear ratios you require will be determined by your riding style and abilities.

Uses of the Road Racing Bikes

Since these cycles are designed for use on the paved surface you should not ever to take this type of bike off road. They simply are not designed for this type of abuse and you can destroy your bike. On road riding is your only choice however any smooth surface from the beach board walks, to highways, byways, city streets, and paved bike trails make for highly enjoyable riding. Although keep in mind the road bike is not built for either comfort nor the carrying of any load other than yourself. Road bikes will be the right choice for long distance commuters, but whether you are riding for recreation, exercise, or racing in one of many different classifications you will want to stay on the roads.


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